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If you as a new comer, you thought you like the steam head ah, but you have no knowledge of them,how to start?
(I remember when I was new, do not understand anything, but to see the first steam engine,I just buy it thoughtlessly)

Whether it is too complicated , and you do not know how to start ? I would recommend a newcomer to buy a reasonable price of the entry car around HKD 300-600 price is reasonable, as a start for your new hobby. Watching the connecting rod, cultivate the interest of the steam engine, and so to  deep understanding, and then step forward to the special and rare models…

Starting from the beginning to buy :

Newer models are easier to get!

(the most recent production of KATO new track C59 (doing well,relative easy to get as it is relatively new model…  / MicroAce)

Depends on what  is your budget…

If budget is not too much , just buy MicroAce models (MA almost have all models of stemlocomotives )

Price from high to low:

MicroAce = KATO old model

Note that the above price is only ordinary models, special rare models unconventional price are not comparable, not in this article entry discussion range

Classic models:

Japanese King of SL and later

C57 has the title of a lady, is the queen of the steam engine

2008-1 Tomix C57-1   2007-1 C57-180

D51: the king of the Japanese steam-locomotive, deserved, the Japanese steam engine of the highest usage
models: 2016-1 D51 498  D51 498東方快車塗裝


Kato C12

C12: Very cute little steam engine:
link in this site


C62 Japan’s Strongest loco! Kato 2017-2 C62-2 Hokkaido type link on this website 本網站內鏈接


9600 rescue coating


Bigboy: the largest steam engine, the man’s romance! Although the unit price is not cheap, but very typical loco.

3 main brands of steam engine features:


Most variety  models, the most refined car shell, including a lot of special models (other brands will not be out
) (E10,9800, deformation car, car shell the most exquisite, but the motor exposed, a lot of car problems, power is also quite easy to fault …. is love and hate …)


New regulations built-in motor, that is, a cab, you can put the driver into, more like a real

(Product number :2014 after the new regulation models!

(To note: there are old and new kato steam loco models, old motor exposed, the proportion of some problems, than the real car, no flywheel)


If you want the finest ones, just choose  Tomix HG series! (Model: c57 180 / c61 20 / c57 1 / c57 135 / C61)

But the unit price is very high, more than 10,000 yen !

Feeling: wrote some N rail entry, this time finally wrote back to the old line, the steam engine entry. Hope to have more newcomers interested in the steam engine , enlarging the N-scale steam circle!